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GDPR Notice

Wolds Candles
GDPR Personnel data information.
Wolds Candles Privacy promise.
– To keep any individuals data to a minimum.
– Not to disclose any personal details to any third party unless legally obliged to do so.
– To only hold any personal data only for the period required for auditing and insurance purposes.
– To protect individuals data by means of internet security and passwords whilst hard copies will be retained under lock and key until they are destroyed using a grade 4 shredder.
– Individuals GDPR Rights;
– The right to be informed
– The right of access.
– The right of erasure.
– The right of data rectification.
– The right to restrict processing.
-To give you ways to manage and review any personal data stored by Wolds Candles 
 If you wish to know what personal data Wolds Candles holds regarding you please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact page. We will gladly respond within 28 days.